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Localization GPS system and high performance training. Designed for smaller dogs.

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Localization GPS system and high performance training

Designed to be compatible with the Pathfinder, the Pathfinder MINI is designed for smaller dogs, like beagles and pointers.

Smarphone non included

Dogtra Pathfinder MINI brings the tecnology of GPS and educational collars straight to your smartphone, offering a smarter and more effective way to track and train your dog.

Compatible with and 22% smaller than the Pathfinder, the Pathfinder MINI truly works without using cellular data*.

Just download the free maps and operate your smartphone in the Offline Maps mode. Unlike other GPS e-collars, there are no extra navigation packages to purchase.

The Pathfinder MINI also offers a 4-mile range and a Beacon & Locate LED Light to easily track dogs 15 lbs and up.

* Downloading the app initially requires data usage. No data needed after the app is downloaded.

Download the free Dogtra Pathfinder application



Once installed, the app allows you to control the Pathfinder MINI from your smartphone wich has a big and bright screen, it's equipted with the most recent tecnology and it's easy to update wherever you want, for an ideal customer experience.

In the main screen you can see the map, the compass and all the collar functions, among which: Nick and Constant stimulation and acustic signal, with a 4 miles range of action.

Pathfinder MINI works offline, without connection or signal

The Pathfinder MINI works for real without any data connection and without the use of cellular data: download the free app Dogtra does not require data connection, alike using the app.

Dogtra Pathfinder MINI uses the maps of the free app Google Maps 

Unlike the others e-collars, there's no extra navigation packages to purchase. Google Maps is for free

With a 2 seconds update rate and a powerfull map zoom, Pathfinder MINI provides great live-action detail and accuracy when you're in the field.

Important message for Dogtra customers:

The use of Dogtra Pethfinder purchased in America is NOT ALLOWED in Italian or European soil, since it works with 196MHz frequency, wich is forbidden in Italy.

Moreover, the device purchase in America is not cover by warranty.

The European version, distributed by us, works with 169MHz free band, allowed on all European soil and is cover with 2 years of official Dogtra warranty.

Dogtra Pathfinder MINI is homologated to European standards.

Transmits on a 169 MHz frequency

Pathfinder MINI can be use even in exclusively GPS mode

Stimolation probes are removable and can be replaced with Retractable caps (supplied).

Technical features

The device can:

  • monitor until 21 dogs or hunters
  • share locality and racking with other Pathfinder devices
  • show playback
  • set up a customizable geo-fance to delimit input and output areas and receive notifications

The device on the collar is fully waterproof and suitable for all environments.

Designed to meet high Dogtra quality standards, Pathfinder is ideal for professional trainers and for those who demands a lot from works, hunting and competition.

  • The only device for GPS location and training
  • Works on your smartphone through the free app Dogtra , even without connection
  • Collar and bluetooth device are fully waterproof
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • 2 hours rapid charge battery

GPS Device

  • 4 miles range of localization
  • monitor until 21 dogs at the same time
  • Report with audio or vibration signal when the dog is pointing
  • Maps zoom function
  • Free updates
  • Free maps download (Google Maps)

Educational collar function

  • 100 levels of electrical stimulation
  • 2 Pacing modes: Nick (Temporary ) and Costant (steady)
  • Warnign acustic signal
  • Removable stimulating probes

Two years warranty


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Pathfinder MINI

Pathfinder MINI

Localization GPS system and high performance training. Designed for smaller dogs.

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