Bark Controller BC21

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The brand new anti-bark for your dog

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Electric shock and vibrating or acoustic sound Antibarking collar

Pacdog antibarking new collar for your dog.

The perfect solution to dissuade your dog from barking annoyingly.

It fits every breed ( the dog must be 7kg or more).

It has 8 different intensity levels. You can choose to use the acoustic sound or the vibration so you will always use the right level of correction your dog needs.

The BC21 lets your dog bark reasonably like it is informing you something. The collar activates itself only after 4 seconds of barking.

Thanks to this collar your dog will quickly learn to bark only when it is necessary.

How does it work:

After 4 seconds of continuous barking, the collar sends a nonelectric signal of warning which is an acustic sound or a vibration.

If the dog keeps barking the collar will send another warning signal (acoustic or vibrating) and/or an electric shock (preset level of intensity). Those deterrent loops will stop as soon as the dog stops barking. It does not activate with other dog’s barking.

You can charge it by USB from your PC. It is equipped with a very fast charging time which is 2 hours.
The battery charge can last 2 months.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Set the right level:

If you set the stimulation level to “0” there won’t be electric shocks and the collar will sound or vibrate.
If the dog doesn’t feel the stimulation you have to raise the level until he feels it. Generally between 2 and 4, the dogs feel a slightly annoying stimulation.

Technical details:

  • it makes your dog bark annoyingly.
  • 8 intensity levels.
  • pre-warning methods.
  • it doesn’t activate with other dog’s barking.
  • completely waterproof.
  • harmless and extremely efficient.
  • rechargeable from your house's electricity grid or your PC’s USB.
  • lithium ions long-life battery. 2-month duration and more.
  • charging time: 2 hours


To test the collar (not worn) you can test the vibration by scratching with your nail or a coin on the ribbed stripe.

The package contains:

  • BC21 collar
  • USB charging wire and power supply
  • user manual

2 years warranty




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Bark Controller BC21

Bark Controller BC21

The brand new anti-bark for your dog

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