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Dogtra 2500 T&B

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Beeper and training collar

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The real Dogtra two-in-one - Beeper and training collar

It perfectly fits with woodcock hunting. High audibility low tones*

The best choice for woodcock hunters who has to individuate the dog in the thick wood and in the meanwhile correct them.

Dogtra 2500 T&B is equipped with two tones, one high frequency and the other is low. Both are hearble at long distance**.

  • High tone

  • Low tone

The remote control has a LCD display which shows the intensity level of the electric stimulation and also the battery charge status. Batteries are rechargable on the collar and even on the remote control.

Is also available the collars version, the Dogtra 2502 T&B.

How does it work

It has an operative distance of 1600m* and 127 intensity levels of electric stimulation.

4 mode of beeper:

  1. Search and point: the collar bips a sound every 8 seconds when the dog is moving and every 2 seconds when the dog is pointing.
  2. Only point: the beeper stands quiet when the dog is searching and bips when the dog is pointing. Once saw the dog you just have to press a button on the remote control to silence the collar.
  3. Localisation: pressing a button on the remote control the beeper bips in order to let you see the dog’s position.
  4. Stand-by: the beeper can be silenced to make movements or breaks.

Technical details

Training collar

  • range 1600m*
  • 127 intensity levels
  • remote control and collar waterproof
  • lithium polymeric rechargable batteries
  • fast battery charge: 2 hours

Beeper details

  • great audibility even on long distances**
  • 4 beeper modes: point and search, only point, localisation and stand-by
  • adjustable volume: 3 levels

*In optimal transmission conditions
**We remind you that the distance can be influenced by various factors: wind direction, your position with respect to the dog, the obstacles between you and the dog etc.

The package contains

  • 1 remote control
  • 1 collar
  • 1 battery charger
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 shock absorbent case

2 years of warranty




vorrei sapere del nuovo collare beeper senza corrente te






Ciao volevo avere un chiarimento,a caccia si può usare??

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Dogtra e Cinotecnica numeri 1



Mi avevano parlato bene di Dogtra ma ora che l' ho provato sono veramente soddisfatto, lo consiglierò .



Sono veramente soddisfatto, grazie Cinotecnica Paolo Roberti,

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Dogtra 2500 T&B

Dogtra 2500 T&B

Beeper and training collar

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