Frequently Asked Questions

Training systems

Why should we choose a Cinotecnica Training System?

Collars and training systems we sell use little electrostatic charges which are harmless for the dog but extremely effective on its behaviour  and training. They are also equipped with warning and dissuasion systems: vibrations and acustic sounds specifically studied to alert the dog, in this way the usage of the electrostatic charges will be drastically reduced.

Our catalogue presents the best product in the world which are widely tested and used by the best experts.

Our product have a 2 year warrancy and our experts are always available for your questions.

How could be a training collar o a antibark system useful?

ITraining collars, anti-barking collars and  invisible fences avoid your dog to act bad for itself and for the others.

For example, sometimes a dog, when it’s on an another animal tail, distractedly crosses a road causing the risk to be hit.

How many times have you heard your dog or your neighbor one bark in the middle of the night? That behaviour disturbs the sleep of the neighbors and it may cause fights and charges.

Another typical situation is when when you are in a low visibilità area (such as woods, parks or crowded places) and your dog takes distance from you and does not respond to your commands.

Using the Cinotecnica’s systems helps you to train and correct your dog, even on a long distance.

Why shock collars works better than the other methods?

That’s because an ergonomic and small remote controrl, you can correct your dog behaviour from a long distance and in real-time.

This kind of correction has 2 advantages:

  • it let your dog to associate the correction to the bad behaviour therefore it learns to not do it again;
  • it doesn’t let the dog to associate the correction to you so it will not be afraid by you.

A good usage of this system obtain very good results in our dog training. They will obey and act good even in the hardest situation, such as hunting.

These systems are dangerous to dogs?

A correct usage doesn’t hurt at all.

A medium stimulation is like a little electric shock like the one you feel when you touch the small door of a car.

A temporary botte, so, a very good deterrent.

Keep in mind that the usage of the collar make the dog training very quick: usually it doens’t take more than 3 or 4 applications. If your dog has a strong character it may require a few more applications, but in very hard instances contact a professional trainer.

The usage is advised against puppy which are 5 months old or less.

Are there training systems which don’t use electric shock? Are they as powerful as Cinotecnica’s systems?

There are training collars which dispense lemongrass, or other annoying and irritating products, on the dog.

These substances are usually dispensed near the dog’s nose or muzzle irritating them with annoying smells.

This correction is temporary good, but in the time the dog will get used to them, losing every deterrent effect.

Other contraindications are:

  1. sometimes these substances can cause irritations at the dog’s breathing apparatus;
  2. in most cases, these systems are bulky and complex.

Beyond the electric shock, training collars are provided with other dissuasive methods?

Modern collars which are sold by Cinotecnica use a warning system that alert the dog which is acting bad.

The dog once warned learns to match the warning to the error and it stops before doing it, avoiding the little electric shock.

The warning system could be a vibration or a sound tone.

You can choose to use the vibration only in some of our products.

Anti barking collars

How long has the dog to wear the collar for?

Usually for a little time, once dog has learned to act good i twill be sufficient to make the dog wear a fake collar.

In most cases 3 or 4 corrections are needed.

In case of dogs with strong character the application time could be longer.  In case of very strong carachters a professional trainer is needed..

Will the dog bark again after the usage?

The correct use of the collar teach the dog to not bark in certain situations, such as when it’s in a car, inside the house, in the kennel or during the night.

You are the person who decide where he is not allowed to bark, in ever other situation the dog is free to bark and express its feelings.

Does the electric shock hurt the dog?

Modern anti barking systems are provided with several level of stimulation (it also reaches 100 levels ) which let you to set the most accurate level for your dog.

It’s, like we already said, about a little and temporary shock, like the one you feel when you touch  the small door of a car.

The usage is advised against puppy which are 5 months old or less.

Is the collar provided with security systems?

In the case, very unlikely, that the collar get stuck and therefore to perpetually shock the dog , the collar will turn off after 10 seconds.

Are there non-electric anti barking systems? Are they efficient as well?

Cinotecnica has patented two anti barking systems which uses water: Baustop and Washdog.

They were designed for dogs which stay in kennels and boxes, but they are efficient in little spaces too.

They work without collars or devices worn by the dog: an acoustic sensor catches the dog’s bark which will be hit by short water spurts.

These two systems are designed in order to avoid blind spots to prevent the dog to find a cover somewhere.

Baustop works without electric and water networks. Washdog cover a major area but it need to be supplied with electric and water network.

Both systems are harmless to the dog.


My dog is very energetic, it runs and digs holes in the whole garden. I don’t want to tie it and I don’t want to build a fence because it will ruin my garden. In what way can I limit my dog’s movements?

In order to let your dog to have movement freedom and, at the same time, to block it from certain areas, the best choice is the invisible fence.

What is a e-fence, how does it works?

A wire, which is connected to a control unit, delimits a perimeter chosen by you. Inside that perimiter your dog is free to move. The dog will wear a collar which receive a signal from the perimeter wire.
If dog walks close to that wire it will receive a vibration or an acoustic signal. If it will get any closer to the wire it will receive a little electric shock which will move backwardsthe dog.

Is it possible to set the wire in order to not stumble on it?

The wire can be buried and applied to every wall or fence.

I have more than one dog, have I to buy more than one e-fence?

The e-fence are able to contain an undefined number of dogs as long as they wear the specific collar.

Can the dog be hurt by the e-fence?

Your dog won’t be hurt by the little electric shock given by the collar, it is like the one you feel when you touch  the small door of a car.
Also, the dog will learn very quickly to not get close to the perimeter, usually it takes 2 or 3 corrections.

General questions

If my system, bought from you, will broke, what should i do?

Our products are the best on the market. They are made to work very good and for a long time, but even they can be broken sometimes.
In that case is it useful to remind that:

  • our product have a 2 years warranty;
  • our customer service is always at your service.

Contact us: this is our telephone number 00390583469673, our professionals will be able to solve your issues.