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Water antibarking system for boxes and kennels. Equipped with 2 nozzles.

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Water antibarking system for boxes and kennels

Baustop is the first water antibarking system designed to be completely independent from electricity and water grid.

It has a 15 liters tank and a 12V battery so it can be used in kennels or boxes without water and electricity. It can be also used in small open places or in balconies and terraces. 

Anyway it is possibile to link the Baustop to a water grid thanks to the float (in the equipment). 

It’s good for every breed and character dogs.

How does it work

Your dog’s barking is heard by a microphone linked to the pump.
The pump will go on bringing the water to the nozzles which will spurt the dog.
This short but very annoying spurt in the chest will immediately silence the dog.

  • 6 meters action range
  • Adjustable angle from 20 to 340 degrees.

How the nozzles work

The nozzles rotate around a central axle from left to right for the angle you decided. So you can cover the whole area of the kennel without leaving any cover for the dog.
Usually it takes 2 or 3 spurts and your dog will be able to link the bark to the spurt.

Fundamental characteristics

For a 3x4 meters box you will need just one nozzle set in an rim with a 90 degrees angle.

For bigger boxes or kennels you will just have to add nozzles ( For example: four 3x4 meters boxes put side by side you just have to put 3 nozzles: one on the first, one in the middle and the last on the last box.).

It’s very important to not leave any uncovered area.

The microphone sensibility is adjustable.

The spurt time is adjustable from 1 to 8 seconds.

The Baustop kit contains:

  • 1 15 liters big tank
  • 2 nozzles (on request up to 4)
  • 1 pump
  • 1 electronic board
  • 1 float
  • 1 12V rechargable battery
  • 1 battery charger
  • tubes
  • joints
  • furthers accesories needed to let it work

2 years warranty

Visit the Baustop website, the first no bark device completely independent of water and electricity networks




Ne havevo comprato uno su ebey , la solita chiapparella...., questo si che funziona..... servizio eccellente, facile da piazare, risultato immediato



L' ho ricevuto puntuale, l' ho montato in un 'oretta, attivato , e i cani hanno imparato subito, perche' non ci ho pensato prima.....,Consigliatissimo a tutti, grazie


Funziona alla grande

Grazie Sig. Roberti per il suo consiglio, mi ha salvato.., i cani non si sentono piu' , non ho parole.., ancora grazie



Ero scettico mi sono ricreduto dopo 3 secondi montato.
Semplice da montare
I miei cani la notte non abbaiano più la notte



L'ho usato per la prima volta l'altro ieri. Da ieri i miei cani non abbaiano più di notte. Ottimo prodotto.

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Water antibarking system for boxes and kennels. Equipped with 2 nozzles.

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