The acces and the purchases to assume the reading, the knowledge and the consensus of this terms of use and selling.

This website is managed and mantained by Cinotecnica S.r.l. Cinotecnica is signed at the Lucca’s register of companies n. LU-176818, partita I.V.A. 01859660464. The Cinotecnica headquarter is in Italy, Via Nottolini, 440 55100 Lucca.

The activities of Cinotecnica S.r.l. through are regulated by these terms and conditions (Terms of use).

If you need assistance you can contact us by e-mail at


I) General Conditions of use

We invite you in reading carefully these “General conditions of use” before using the Cinotecnica services. Using the Cinotecnica services you completely accept  these Conditions of use.


We invite you in reading carefully our Privacy Policy which disciplines your use of the Cinotecnica services.

Our Privacy Policy applies even on cases where the user enters in and uses the linked services, but doesn’t buy anything.

The Privacy Policy helps you to comprehend how gathers and uses your personal information and why.


When you use our services or send us an e-mail, you electronically communicate with us. We will communicate with you by phone, e-amil or website announcements.

According to that, you accept to receive by us communications in electronic medium and you accept that the communications, informatives, and notices received by us satisfy the law requirements.

Copyrights and database rights

All the contents on the site or made available through Cinotecnica like texts, graphics, logos, icon buttons, audio files, video files, digital downloads, databases and softwares are property of Cinotecnica or of its content provider and they are protected by italian and international laws about copyright and databases.

It’s forbidden to reproduce, entirely or a piece, in every shape, and its contents without the Cinotecnica written consensus.

Cinotecnica has the right to authorize or forbid the reproduce direct or indirect, temporary or permanently, in any shape, entirely or a piece of and its contents.

Regarding the use of you are authorized only to browse the website and its contents. You are permitted to reproduce all the temporary contents, without economic value, which are considered optional or transient.

You are not permitted to reproduce contents, on any device, entirely or a piece of Every act of reproduction will need to be accepted by Cinotecnica or in certain cases by the authors of the single files on the website.

Those operations of reproduction will need to be legal and legit to the copyrights terms about Cinotecnica and other authors of files on The authors of the files on the website have the right to claim the property of their activities and to go against any deformation, mutilation or any other modification about their activities in order to defend their honor and their reputation.

You are not, in any case, permitted to use, in any form, the contents or activites protected by copyright. You won’t able to modify or alter the contents without its permission.

Your Account

If you use Cinotecninca’s services, you are compelled to keep secret your account name and password and control the access of your PC. You also accept that you can be believed, by the law dispositions, responsabile of any activity made by your account and your password. You are compelled to be sure that your data which you gave to us are correct and comunicate to us any change of those. You can see and update most of the information given in “My Account” section.

Trademarks and domain name

Cinotecnica is the sole owner of “”, “”, “” trademarks and logo and of any other “cinotecnica” sign. 
All the other signs which mark the products on sale on are mark registered of the respective owner. These marks are sole used to describe, advertise and mark the product on sale on

Cinotecnica and all the other trakemarks owners can have an exclusive use of the respective mark.
You are not authorized, except if Cinotecnica or the mark owner give you the permission, to use these marks.
Most of marks on the site are famous marks and very popular to the public and every user of

Every illegal use of these marks can be punished by law. It’s forbidden to use these marks to make a illegitamate profit or to carry any form  of damage to the owners.

Reviews, comments, communications and other contents

It’s possible to publish comments and submit ideas, tips, questions or other informations as long as its content is not illegal (obscene, abusive, intimidating, libelous, it don’t have to violate privacy, intellectual copyrights, it  don’t have to be offensive to Cinotecnica and it doesn’t  have t contain virus, politics, commercial spots, chains, and any form of spam).

You won’t be authorized to use a fake e-mail address, be another person and lie about the origin of a content.

We save the right to delete or modify that content.

Our responsability

We’ll do our best to keep the access to Cinotecnica’s services secure and without errors. Anyway, because of internet, interrupted access and no errors can’t be guaranteed.

Also, you access to our services could be temporarly stopped in order to maintanence, reparation works. We will limit to the strictly necessary these service suspesions.

For any kind of problem using our website contact our Customer Service or this e-mail address:
A person of Cinotecnica will be available to give you assistance to help you.

Anyway, we suggest to check your internet service and PC or contact your provider. 

We won’t be resposable for any kind of problem which is due to major force.

 This article does not compromise your law rights and in particular to receive good in a reasonable time and to be refund in case of failed shipment or major force.

Law and in charge court 

These conditions are ruled and interpreted by italian law.

You accept and we accept to under go to Lucca Court. As customer you will be able to act to Lucca Court.

Service and conditions modification

We reserve the right to modify Cinotecnica services, policy and terms of use in every moment to offer new products or adapt to law and rules.

You will be subordinate to the current rules every time you use Cinotecnica services.

We suggest to read this page regurarly to keep you updated to our rules.

If you dont’t accept these rules, do not use our website.


If you do not maintain the rules written in this article, our missing acts toward your do not represent our quit about your duty.


We don’t sell product to minor people. If you are 18 or less, you only can use Cinotecnica services with a parent or tutor.

Our Contacts

This website is managed and mantained by Cinotecnica S.r.l. Cinotecnica is signed at the Lucca’s register of companies n. LU-176818, partita I.V.A. 01859660464. The Cinotecnica headquarter is in Italy, Via Nottolini, 440 55100 Lucca

II. General conditions of selling

This article talks about the general condition of selling when Cinotecnica is the seller.
We invite you to read these pages before every purchase. If you buy you accept these rules.

Cinotecnica sells products on and run its e-commerce activity only to its final users called “customers”.
We define “customer” every physical person who buys not for his commercial activity or professional goal.

These rules only rules the submit and the acceptance of cinotecnica’s products between cinotecnica and his customers.

Our contract

If you want to buy one or more article, you can add them to your shopping cart.

When you are ready to buy you will be able to checkout.

You will be redirected to a page which sum the selected articles, the prices and the shipping costs.

You will be asked the payment method and the shipping method.
At the end of this page you will see the button “next” which is used to submit the order.
Your order will be considered as your willing to make a contract to Cinotecnica for the selected products.

At the end you will receive an e-mail with the order sum. (Order receivment e-mail).
It’s not an acceptance of you puchase proposal.
With this e-mail we only confirm to have received the order and to check the availability of the products.

The acceptance will be sent as a “Shipping confirmation e-amil” with details of the shipping and estimated delivery date.
You will be able to cancel your order before receiving our “shipping confirmation e-mail”. 

Your order will be archived in our database; you will be able to see your order in your account section on our website.

Before proceeding the order you will be asked to check the given information.

Cinotecnica is free to not complete incomplete orders or which not satisfy the availability and payments needs.
In these cases you will be informed by e-mail. If the product is not available you will be informed within 30 days.
If you have already payed the product you will be refunded. If you buy products on our website you accpet all these rules.
If you don’t agree with this rules, don’t buy  on
If buy on you conferm to know and accpet these Conditions on selling, Privacy Policies and Customer Service rules.

Right of withdrawal

Our policy about termination let you to cancel the contract within 30 days of the receivement of goods. In this case you will be refunded.

If you want to cancel the order, you will be refunded of the shipping costs too only if you terminate the contract within 10 days of the recivement of the goods.

Otherwise you will refunded only of the product price.
For doing this you will have to inform us through e-mail or telephone.

Contents warning

Cinotecinca doesn’t tolerate any kind of bad publishment on its website (physical or psycological violence scenes or situations, scene which can be felt as civilly harmful, humanly harmful, in every way or expression).

Cinotecnica doesn’t guarantee that its contents can be legit or legal in other countries.
If you consider our contents not legal or legit, don’t browse our website. If you do, it will be only under your respondability.

Cinotecnica adopts every method in order to prevent that the information given on be accurate and updated.

Price and availability

All the prices are VAT included.  Informations about every product  are available on the product page.

We are not able to give availability informations about products.
Consider that the given shipping time is approximated.
If the price shown on the site is lower than the correct selling price we will contact you in order to know if you want to buy it anyway; otherwise you order will not be able to be accepted.

If the correct price is lower than the price shown on the website, you will be charged of the lower correct price and we will send the good.


If we send products out of Italy, you possibly will be charged of additional taxes.

Any additional price will be on you. We can’t approximate those costs and we can’t predict the amount.

Custom policies variates from country to country and you shall inform from your local custom office.

If buy, you will considered as importer and you have to attend at laws on reference.

Privacy is importantfor us, but your package could be open at customs.

Product warranty and responsability limitation

Legal warranty guarantees that the product is conform to the selling contract.

If the product is not conform, you will be able to ask for a free fix or reparation.

Warranty lasts 2 years from the receivment of the product.  You if you have any problem in these 2 years please contact us.
In law limits, Cinotecnica, declines every responsability in the case where the product is not legal in the receiver country.

Cinotecnica will be not responsable for any delay of its product provider.
We will be not responsable when the product will be slightly different from the site picture. 

Customer service

You can ask any kind of information by contacting us via e-mail or telephone. Call 0039-0583-469673 or send a message to

Appliable law and in charge court

These rules must be understood as Italian Laws. You and we accept to submit to Lucca Court.

As a customer you will be able to act in Lucca Court if you have any controversy about the condition of selling.

Condition of selling modifications

We are free to modify the site, the policies and the general conditions of selling at any time in order to be conformed to the law.

You will be under the applicable conditions of the time every time you buy something from us.

We suggest you to check for any change.

If you don’t accept the whole amount or a piece of these rules don’t use


If you do not maintain the rules written in this article, our missing acts toward your do not represent our quit about your duty.


We don’t sell product to minor people. If you are 18 or less, you only can use Cinotecnica services with a parent or tutor.

Our Contacts

This website is managed and mantained by Cinotecnica S.r.l.

Cinotecnica is signed at the Lucca’s register of companies n. LU-176818, partita I.V.A. 01859660464.

The Cinotecnica headquarter is in Italy, Via Nottolini, 440 55100 Lucca