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Water anti barking system for medium or big kennels

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Water anti barking system for medium or big kennels

Washdog is the first water anti-barking system designed by Cinotecnica to solve barking issues very quickly.

Washdog is recommended for all breeds

How does it work?

The radio microphone, positioned on the outside of the kennel, discerns the barking of the dog and sends a signal to the base unit, which, in turn, activates, an electric valve to trigger a 9 meters rotating jet of water.

The radio microphones have an adjustable range from 2 to 10 meters, this allows you to control multiple kennels with a single microphone.

Up to 2 radio microphones may be added approximately every 15/20 meters, and each of the 2 radio microphones activates a different electric valve, which, in turn, activates distinct jets of water.

The activation time of the electric valves and the duration/time of the rotating water jet is adjustable from two to ten seconds.

How does the Sprinker work?

The Sprinker rotates around a central axle from left to right for the angle you decided (from 0 to 360 degrees). So you can cover the whole area of the kennel without leaving any cover for the dog.

Usually, it takes 2 or 3 spurts and your dog will be able to link the bark to the spurt.

When the dog barks the radio microphone, through the control unit, activates the solenoid valve which commands one or more nozzles.

The radio microphone has a range of 6/8 meters so a single microphone can control more boxes.

Fundamental characteristics

Washdog is equipped with a complete kit, ready to be installed. The set up is simple and does not require specific competencies.

  • Control Unit

The Control Unit manages the solenoid valve which produces a 9 meters rotating water spurt towards the dog or dogs.

  • Radio microphone

It detects the dog barking and activates the receiving base which activates the electro valve.

  • Power supply

External 24v power supply feeds the control unit, or it can be fed by 2x12v  in series batteries (car type) (not provided). 

  • Solenoid valve, 24V

This must be linked to the water system and to the control unit. 

  • Sprinkler

Rotating spurt or sprinkler, adjustable from 0° to 360° radius, average work range 8-9 meters with an average working pressure of 2.5 bar. it fits very well with large kennels o kennels composed of many enclosures.   

The control unit can command up to 2 radio microphones (4 on request).
For example, 6/8 boxes side by side sized 3x4 meters are sufficient 2 microphones which command 2 solenoid valves.

In order to cover the whole area you just have to put a nozzle on the first box, two in the middle, and one on the last box.

The microphone sensibility can be adjusted to set the right sensibility for your instance.
The open time of the solenoid valve can be adjusted too (from 1 to 10 seconds).

Technical Data

  • Power: 24v power supply provided, or it can be fed by 2 x 12v in series batteries (car type).
  • Microphone: it is only activated with a dog’s bark and human voice, not with other noises such as cars or engines, etc.
  • Microphone sensitivity: adjustable depending on the bark power, from 2 to 10 meters.
  • Spurt adjustment: yes, adjustable working radius, from 0° to 360°.
  • Spurt time: adjustable from 2 to 10 seconds.
  • Sprinklers: one provided with the possibility to add more.
  • Is possible to use it with many dogs and kennels.
  • User guide: provided EN - FR -IT.

The package contains

  • 1 control unit 24V
  • 1 radio microphone with 6 1,5V batteries (it is possible to add, on request, up to 4 radio microphones)
  • 1 solenoid valve 24V
  • 1 nozzle
  • 1 transformer 24V

2 years warranty




sono un clienti da anni della Cinotecnica e devo dire che lo consiglio a tutti sempre ottimi prodotti, Anche questa volta o risolto il problema . L'apparecchio è formidabile, due schizzi e tutti riposo, il vecchio a funzionato per 10 anni.


Come regolare sensori microfono

Non riesco a regolare il sensore magari è possibile avere il libretto delle istruzioni


Come regolare il sensore

Salve vorrei sapere come regolare il sensore del microfono quando i cani abbaiano non funziona ma se ci soffio sopra si attiva


Grazie Cinotecnica srl

Grazie Cinotecnica srl



Prodotto altamente professionale.



A caccia terminata con i cani della squadra a riposo da qualche giorno non se ne poteva piu', mi è arrivato sabato, lo abbiamo montato, e da tre giorni non si sente piu' volare una mosca, sono molto contento. Vivamente consigliato



Merci Cinotecnica, j'ai reçu mon wash Dog en deux jours, un excellent service. Cordialement M.


problema risolto

siamo clienti da anni della Cinotecnica e devo dire ci hanno consigliato sempre bene, Anche questa volta ci hanno risolto il problema . L'apparecchio è formidabile..., due schizzi e tutti a nanna. lo consigliamo davvero.


Grazie problema risolto

Un amico mi aveva sollevato qualche dubbio, devo dire che è micidiale, lo sto usando da 3 mesi , lo consiglio veramente a tutti



Bell atrezzo ma soprattutto ditta seria



é muito util e resolve os problemas dos latidos dos caes...muito bom... so a um problema de arranjar um tecnico para resolver a avaria....agora preciso de um micro para o radiomicrofone e não tenho... isso é um problema grave... mas o resto 5*****

E se eu quiser um só radiomicrofone posso encomendar ??? e quanto custa $$$

obrigado pela atenção

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Water anti barking system for medium or big kennels

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